Friday, November 27, 1998

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

The nice thing was that my mother's friend Carol invited my family to her house for dinner last night. Because my parents and I know the Liangs pretty well, our two families tend to visit each other fairly often. I'm unfortunately not very good at making friends, so I spent much of the time playing Dragonheart: Fire & Steel on my laptop. However, I did hang out with Stacey when she had nobody else to play with, and Carol later thanked me for "babysitting" her daughter.

Other than that, I got to watch parts of Money Talks on the big-screen TV with the other guests. The movie was kind of lame but also really funny at the same time. On the whole, my parents and I had a great time at the party. It was actually so much fun that the three of us stayed until almost midnight!

This year, I am very thankful for my parents' efforts in getting me transferred to a regular school. If it wasn't for their perseverance, I would probably still be in a special education program right now.

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Friday, November 6, 1998

went to another LAYC dance

I just came back from the second LAYC dance of the school year. Because last month's dance turned out to be so much fun, I decided to attend this one as well. It was much like the one in October, except I did not wear the wrong outfit this time. :-)

Like in the case of the previous dance, I did not stay until the end. I returned home early to finish watching WarGames on video, but I nevertheless had a great time at the event. In hindsight, I'm kind of glad Mom made me go to the one last month. Haha.

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