Monday, June 23, 2003

summer internship

I just started my internship at Arcadia Design Systems. Figuring it would get me into a good college, Dad had arranged for me to work at his company as an alternative to summer school. This is my first time working in an office!

The day began with Jeff showing me how to run MATLAB simulations. He then asked me to try to write some code. Jeff says MATLAB is a powerful programming language, but it's all Greek to me. I guess everything takes practice.

To be honest, the internship wasn't something I was interested in. It was my parents who pressured me into accepting the offer. On the other hand, I can't complain about the extra income. :P

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Friday, June 13, 2003

done with 11th grade

I just finished my junior year of high school. This semester was definitely the hardest one so far. I'm glad it's finally over.

Though I didn't take any AP classes, Physics Honors and Trigonometry were already quite tough. The good news is that I had great teachers, but that didn't make the subjects any less easier. Speaking of which, the finals were pretty hard. I hope I didn't do too badly on them. *crosses fingers*

Oh well, none of that matters anymore. It's time to enjoy a well-earned summer. :-)

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