Saturday, July 1, 2000

company picnic report

Today was pretty fun as my parents and I went to Dad's company's summer picnic. The best part was that I got to see my friend Moonway as his father also works at Arcadia Design Systems, Inc.

Unlike the other company picnics we have been to, this one had fewer activities. I don't recall seeing any carnival games, raffles or anything of the sort. On the other hand, the venue was quite large, and there were several areas for sports. It was also nice to hang out with Moonway for almost the entire afternoon!

In other news...

I'm taking summer Spanish and reading classes at Foothill College right now. Reading generally isn't my favorite subject, but some of the books for the class are quite interesting. So at least it's not as boring as the other literature classes I've taken. :-)

Currently reading: The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper