Friday, April 26, 2002

an impromptu school dance

I just came back from a dance at my school. The best part is that it was free. It's not often that this happens!

So the radio station WiLD 94.9 recently held a voting contest in which we placed second. The prize was a free school dance. From what I've heard, the school officials had planned to charge an admission fee because the dance was only "free" in the sense that the DJ would provide music at no charge. Greedy jerks. Following lots of complaints, the administration wised up and dropped the fee. Thank goodness for common sense.

Besides a couple of slow songs, the DJ played mostly electronic music. Don't get me wrong - electronic music is pretty awesome - but too much of the same stuff tends to make things dull. On the whole, the event was lots of fun.

Currently playing: Rebel Moon Rising