Wednesday, June 16, 2004

just became a player moderator in RuneScape

I just accepted an invitation from Jagex to become a RuneScape player moderator. This means I can now send priority abuse reports and mute players for serious rule violations. In addition to having a silver crown next to my name in chat, I can also post on the official forums as a free user. Besides these things, player moderators don't get any special perks.

For those concerned about player moderators abusing their power, there are guidelines on when we can mute people. Before anyone asks, I can't disclose much else as the player moderator manual is confidential. That said, you needn't worry about being muted as long as you follow the rules. :-)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

back from CalSO

So my family just got back from the Cal Student Orientation. I had to spend the night at Berkeley as this was a two-day event. This was my first real taste of dorm life. Though I was somewhat nervous, I also felt at home because my roommate spoke Mandarin too.

The incoming students were divided into small groups. The counselors gave us a rundown of what life at Berkeley is like and went over things like majors, course selection, campus safety and student services. The program ended with a tour of the campus. College is very different from high school, that's for sure. On the whole, CalSO was a worthwhile experience.

There was also an orientation for parents and supporters. Just as the transition to college is a big change for me, it's also a big deal for Mom and Dad!

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Friday, June 11, 2004

done with high school

So today was the Los Altos High School commencement. It's hard to believe how fast time goes. Class of 2004 forever!

Graduation report

The commencement was held on the athletic field. The band played "Pomp and Circumstance" as we filled the bleachers. The school officials and valedictorians gave speeches about our achievements and whatnot. After everything was said and done, the seniors were called to the stage to collect their diplomas. This was the moment we had all been waiting for.

Of note is that there was no senior prank this year. Because some past pranks have gone too far and gotten students in trouble, our class decided to play it safe and ditch the idea altogether. While several people blew up a beach ball and passed it around during the speeches, the commencement was overall uneventful.

Looking back

On the whole, my favorite part of high school was Mr. Shaull's choir class. That was so much fun; one of my regrets is being so reluctant to take it when I first had the chance. I'll also miss our physics teacher Mr. Randall and his sense of humor; he certainly knew how to lighten up a tough subject.

Another great memory was when our composition and literature class threw a surprise party for Ms. Bang in 9th grade. Some of the girls had found out her birthday and got the rest of us to participate. They made a cake and presented it to Ms. Bang as she walked into the classroom. She still gave us English homework after that. Go figure.

Outside of academics, the dances were pretty fun too. Though I only went to the non-formal ones, they were always something to look forward to. The back-to-school dance in August was the one I enjoyed the most. There better be dances in college. :-)

Unlike in middle school, bullying was rare at LAHS. Even the guy who picked on me all the time at Egan was generally nice to me. To be fair, teenagers don't always have the best judgment.

Speaking of which, I got in trouble myself on more than one occasion. For instance, Mrs. Roth once sent me to the office for saying "shit" too much. The assistant principal said I could have been suspended, but she only gave me a warning as we knew each other fairly well. It's good to have friends in high places. *grin*

Another time was when I showed my friend Scott a complaint generator during a world literature workshop. In my infinite wisdom, I entered Mrs. McClelland as an example. The timing was unfortunate as she just happened to walk past us. Awkward.

There was also a mishap with the net send command. I was bored after finishing an online exercise and decided to advertise RuneScape to my chemistry class. But what I didn't realize is that the message went out to every computer on the network - as opposed to just those in the classroom. Oops. Despite the severity of the incident, all I got was a warning from Ms. Bradley as it was an honest mistake. Good times.

Perhaps the worst thing that happened was getting kicked out of Spanish III in 11th grade. I was afraid I wouldn't get into a good college, but things turned out otherwise. It's nice to know schools don't just look at academics.

All in all, high school went extremely well. I'm going to miss LAHS and all of my classmates and teachers for sure.

The obligatory celebration

The day ended with an all-night, school-sponsored party called Grad Night. I decided not to go as the tickets were about $100 per person. Instead, my parents and I had a nice dinner at Sundance Steakhouse in Palo Alto. The Australian lobster tail was quite good, although it was also very expensive. Having said that, the $45 was well spent as the lobster was the best part of the meal.

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Historical note: Our pictures from the commencement are on Flickr. The official pictures have been removed from the LAHS website but are available at the Internet Archive.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

choir party report

The LAHS choral department had the post-concert party today at lunch. However, there were fewer people this time, and those who showed up generally didn't stay long. I'm guessing everyone is stressed out about the finals. The party was nevertheless lots of fun; I even brought my laptop to show people the Quake speedruns I downloaded. You can't get any geekier than that. ^_^

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