Friday, July 30, 1999

no more summer school!

This was the last day of the summer English class at Archbishop Mitty High School.

To be honest, I did not like the class at all. For one thing, the course material was rather boring; we mostly read short stories and excerpts from obscure novels, and completed worksheets afterwards. The fact that each session was two hours long didn't help the issue.

However, the main reason I disliked the class was that we had a mean and obnoxious teacher. Case in point, Moonway had a very unpleasant dealing with her. In most classrooms, tools on the teacher's desk, such as staplers and hole punches, are there for everyone to use. But when Moonway went to use our teacher's pencil sharpener, she got very mad and yelled at him, claiming it was her property. That may have been the case, but her attitude was totally inexcusable. Gee, she could have told him nicely instead. I would have stuck up for my friend, except I didn't want to make the teacher even more upset.

Moonway was not the only one to suffer her wrath as she also seemed annoyed with me on more than one occasion. I don't understand why the hell Mitty hired this poor excuse for a teacher in the first place. The two of us actually hated the bitch so much that we came up with a nickname for her: Mrs. Asshole. She's definitely earned it, if you ask me.

Although the material wasn't too interesting, the class itself might not have been so bad if we didn't have such an unprofessional teacher. The only positive thing about this class was that Moonway and I usually got to hang out together after school. Needless to say, we're both pretty glad summer school is over.

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