Monday, March 1, 1999

swing dancing!

Today saw the beginning of the dance unit in P.E. class. The teachers brought in this huge ghetto blaster and taught us some steps, and we all had to partner up. This was quite the surprise - I certainly didn't expect us to cover swing dancing.

For the record, my first dance partner was a girl named Hana. I had known her since the beginning of the school year, so it wasn't all that awkward. But I'm admittedly still a little nervous around girls at the moment. Case in point, I was never brave enough to ask anyone to slow dance with me despite having been to two LAYC dances. While swing dancing isn't anywhere as intimate, it was still a little weird at first.

But it wasn't long before I started getting used to it. I'd say swing dancing actually turned out to be quite fun. Because we rotate partners for each song, I don't need to worry about having to muster the courage to ask someone for a dance. Plus, it's not like we have a choice. :-)

From what I've heard, we'll also be covering line and square dancing in the next couple of weeks. I guess P.E. isn't just about sports and whatnot.

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