Friday, April 26, 2002

if only every school dance was free...

I just came back from the WiLD 94.9 dance at my school. The nice thing about this event was that it was free!

LAHS had won the dance by placing second in a voting contest held by the radio station. Funnily enough, the administration had still planned to charge an admission fee because the dance was only "free" in the sense that WiLD 94.9 would DJ it at no charge. Or at least that's what I heard from rumors. As you can imagine, this drew the ire of many students. Fortunately, the administrators wised up and made the dance free after all, as it was supposed to be. Thank goodness for common sense.

One thing that made this dance very different was that the DJ played mostly electronic music. I'm surprised he didn't leave out the slow songs. Don't get me wrong - electronic music is pretty awesome - but too much of the same stuff tends to make dances less interesting. Other than that, I still had a great time at this dance.

Currently playing: Rebel Moon Rising