Thursday, August 26, 1999

first day of 8th grade

So today was my first day as an 8th grader at Egan. In other words, I now get to toss "sevies" into trash cans. Muhahahaha! Of course, I'm not actually that mean, but it does feel great to be one of the big kids on campus. :D

Speaking of which, being an 8th grader has its perks: for one thing, we're now allowed to hang out on the "8th grade deck" during breaks. The deck is a memorial to a past student who died in a ski accident, and is traditionally off-limits to 7th graders. Each of us also has a chance of being chosen as the "8th grader of the day" during the morning announcements. There are probably lots of other benefits, although I can't remember them off the top of my head right now.

Another nice thing about being back in school is that I'm taking Mrs. Andersen's foods class this semester. It's pretty much a cooking class with a heavy emphasis on nutrition. Although we haven't made anything yet, I can tell the class is going to be lots of fun, especially when we have a really awesome teacher. I certainly look forward to all the good stuff we'll be making and, well, eating.

All that having been said, it's a little hard to realize that summer break has ended. I still kind of miss the recent Alaska cruise, but I'm also very excited to see my buddies at Egan again!

In other news...

I recently got to check out Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition with Moonway. He was also nice enough to let me borrow the CD for two weeks. Damn, that game's addictive.

Currently playing: Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

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