Sunday, December 15, 2002

worst weekend ever

I had a pretty shitty weekend.

So there was a school dance on Friday that I had planned to attend. However, my mother advised me to stay home and finish my American Literature homework instead. Because I'm a bit behind in the class, she was concerned that Mrs. Herrera would see me partying instead of studying and get a bad impression. I felt Mom had a point and skipped the dance. This was a huge let-down as I had been looking forward to it for a long time.

Of course, having to miss the dance alone wouldn't have been so bad as there are always other things to do. For example, my family often goes hiking on weekends. But that didn't happen either because the trails were all soggy from the rain. I decided to watch some TV shows instead - only to find that the storm had knocked out the signal.

There's some more bad news: one of my favorite forums just shut down today. I was a very active member and had over 3,000 posts there. It really sucks to see this site disappear. Topping it all off, I had a shitload of physics, trigonometry and web design homework in addition to the American Literature assignments. How wonderful.

The good news is that I had plenty of time for video games during study breaks. The best part is that I managed to get level 70 Mining in RuneScape and can now mine adamantite ore without boosts. Here is a screenshot of my current stats. I was so excited that I forgot to press PrtSc after leveling up. D'oh!

Update: I asked my mother for a month of RuneScape membership for giving up the dance. She said she'd consider it as long as I did well in school. I guess I better work hard. :-)

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