Sunday, October 3, 2004

went to an extremely crappy dance

I just came back from a dance hosted by the Associated Students of the University of California. Though my roommate had invited me to a frat party earlier, I went to the dance instead because fraternities can be a little intimidating. But to be honest, the dance totally sucked.

For one thing, there was barely any information about the event. I looked everywhere but could only find a single flyer. To their credit, the ASUC dropped the $3 surcharge for people who bought tickets after the early bird deadline. However, that was where the good things ended.

Due to the lack of details, only a handful of people showed up. While I saw my friend Albert at the dance, he didn't stay very long. The music was repetitive and would randomly stop playing. There was little else to do as we weren't allowed to play the piano in the ballroom or use the Internet kiosks downstairs. Last but not least, the dance ended early when everyone lost interest. This was probably a blessing in disguise.

I wish I hadn't wasted $5 on such a boring event. Had I known this would happen, I wouldn't have gone even if it was free. You can read my full review of the dance here. Shame on you, ASUC.

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