Thursday, February 14, 2002

an awkward Valentine's Day

You probably won't believe this, but we had to make Valentine's Day cards for the opposite sex in Spanish II Honors. In other words, Mrs. Schiffman made us write love letters to each other. How awkward!

The cards were exchanged yesterday as the class doesn't meet on Thursdays. I was paired up with a girl named Stella and gave her a homemade card with a cheesy love poem. Before anyone asks, it wasn't one of those "Roses are red, violets are blue" varieties. Stella was a little more generous and gave me a chocolate snack along with her card. Go figure.

But that's not all: every year, the school sells chocolate roses for Valentine's Day as a fundraiser. Imagine my surprise when I got two of them: one was from a girl on the student council while the other was from a "secret admirer" who wished to remain anonymous. That was quite unexpected. *blush*

It'll probably be hard to find out the identity of my secret admirer unless she comes forward. I'm definitely no Sherlock Holmes. To the girl who sent me the rose: if you're reading this, then I just wanted to say thank you!

In other news...

1. I'm hosting a Valentine's Day drop party in RuneScape this afternoon. It'll be in the Falador Park on server 1 at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Just don't expect me to drop too much stuff as I'm not that rich. :-)

2. Dad is planning to take us to the Southwest U.S. again during winter break - which is in two days. I'm so excited!

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