Monday, January 21, 2002

MLK weekend + Reno trip report

So we went on a short trip to Reno over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. It was a little boring at first but turned out to be a great experience.

Day 1

Our trip to Reno with the Liangs in 1995 was a lot of fun. But things were very different this time. The place looked old and reminded me of a ghost town. There were few attractions besides casinos and a handful of shops. The fact that I'm not old enough to gamble didn't help the issue.

The other thing is that I didn't have my laptop or Game Boy with me. I left them at home because Mom thought I was silly for bringing my computer on our trip to Tahoe in December. Lesson learned: it's better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it - my laptop in this case.

I'm not going to lie - we seriously considered canceling our reservation and going home. The only reason we decided to stay is that the fees were non-refundable. On the bright side, the hotel gave us a voucher for a complimentary hot dog and drink from the bar. So there's that.

Day 2

The plan was to head directly home after checking out of the hotel. However, Dad wanted to make the most out of our trip and decided to take a detour to Lake Tahoe. Our options were limited because the weather was too cold for skiing and most of the stores were closed, but we got to visit Donner Lake again. It was quite satisfying to smash through the ice with the hammer.

I later spotted a large snowball on the Truckee River, likely the remains of a snowman. Dad and I then decided to push it into the river for shits and giggles. The snowball rolled down the bank and made a gigantic splash as it smashed through the ice. This was definitely the highlight of the trip, although the rest of the day was uneventful because it was freezing outside.

On the whole, the vacation wasn't too bad. I'm glad we didn't go home early after all. Reno would probably be more fun if I were 21 - the legal gambling age - but that won't happen for another five years. I guess it's time to play the waiting game!

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