Friday, June 7, 2002

and now for our feature presentation...

I recently mentioned that we had to film a soap opera for Spanish II Honors. Our project was finished yesterday and presented today in class, along with all the others. I think everyone did a great job!

About our project

Our production is called Amor y Mentiras ("Love and Lies") and took about three weeks to make. Shannon was our de facto director as most of the filming was done at her house. Our roles were as follows:

  • Me as José
  • David Barth as Davíd
  • Sarah Murray as Sarita
  • Michelle Nelson as Micaela
  • Shannon Haley as Lilia

Part 1

Davíd and José are two bad guys who rob a bank during a crime spree. This part was filmed at a mom and pop store in Los Altos called J & R's Foodland. The manager of the store was kind enough to allow us to shoot there. He even guest-starred as a bank teller!

Part 2

The crooks use the ill-gotten money on a vacation to the Bahamas. They cross paths with the girls while there and fall in love with them. The girls find them charming and invite them to their vacation home. This is where the love scene takes place.

Part 3

The romance is short-lived as Davíd and José plot to frame the girls. But when the girls find out what's going on, the thugs burn down the vacation home and shoot Sarita dead. Davíd and José flee the country as the scene ends.

Special thanks

This project wouldn't have been possible without the help of others. Special thanks go out to the following people:

  • Shannon's mother Sharyl for helping around.
  • Sarah's mother Carol for the occasional ride.
  • The manager at J & R's Foodland for letting us film at his store and guest-starring as a bank teller.


On the whole, I'm really proud of what we accomplished. Although we had our disagreements from time to time, our group generally worked well together. It's too bad I can't share the video as I don't have a copy myself. You'll just have to use your imagination!

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