Monday, August 26, 2002

I'm now an upperclassman!

Summer has come to an end, and this was my first day of junior year at LAHS. In other words, I'm now an upperclassman. One thing for sure is that it feels great to be one of the big boys on campus!

From what I've heard, many people consider 11th grade to be the hardest year of high school because of the AP classes. I don't have any this year, so thank heaven for small favors. I'll still have to take them in 12th grade, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. :P

I do have Physics Honors this year, and that's not an easy class either. It's probably not all that bad because I'm pretty interested in science in general, and that Mr. Randall is an awesome teacher. His sense of humor undoubtedly livens up an otherwise difficult subject.

That having been said, it's kind of hard to return to school just after coming back from such an awesome trip to Hawaii. On the other hand, the back-to-school dance this coming Friday is certainly something to look forward to. :-)

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