Tuesday, September 2, 2003

accidentally let my RuneScape membership renew itself...

As school has started for me, I decided to cancel my RuneScape membership so I could focus more on my classes. But when I logged in to my account yesterday after school, I noticed I had already been charged for another month. I immediately requested a refund because the new billing cycle hasn't started yet, but Jagex told me this wasn't possible.

This was pretty cheap of them in my opinion. The RuneScape website never made it clear when the automatic payments would occur, so I had always assumed it was the last day of the billing period. At least this didn't happen when I canceled my membership just before it expired last year. Shame on you, Jagex.

I know $5 isn't a big deal, but companies should really make their billing policies clear, especially when it comes to automatic renewals. On the bright side, I get to enjoy another month of the members-only content. :P

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