Tuesday, September 2, 2003

accidentally let my RuneScape membership renew itself...

Now that school has started for me, I decided to cancel my RuneScape membership in order to focus more on my classes. But when I logged in yesterday afternoon, the membership had already been renewed. Though I immediately requested a refund, Jagex told me this wasn't possible.

This was pretty cheap of them in my opinion. Because the RuneScape website never made it clear when the automatic payments would occur, I had always assumed it was the last day of the billing period. At least the same thing didn't happen last year. Shame on you, Jagex.

While $5 isn't a big deal, companies should be clear in this matter. On the bright side, I can't exactly complain about another month of membership. :P

Currently reading: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


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