Friday, September 8, 2000

my first high school dance

I just got back from the LAHS back-to-school dance. There's no better way to start high school than with a dance party if you ask me!

There was a $5 entrance fee, but I got to go in for free as I had bought an ASB card. The dance was very similar to the LAYC dances I attended in 7th grade, except the music was somewhat louder and the dance floor was larger. There were also some slow songs, although I still haven't had the courage to ask any girls to dance. Feel free to laugh at me. :P

As I'm still kind of nervous about high school, I was afraid there would be certain incidents at the dance - such as drinks being spiked and people making love in the restroom. But my fears were probably unfounded as none of that stuff happened. Perhaps I'm worrying too much, but I guess it also helps to have all those teachers there as chaperones.

I left about half an hour before the dance was supposed to end, but I nevertheless had a great time. I'm looking forward to the next dance for sure.

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