Monday, January 22, 2001

a much better long weekend

I'm feeling better now - and the finals are out of the way - so this long weekend was much more enjoyable!

For starters, my family went to Half Moon Bay yesterday afternoon. Although we've been there many times, strolling along Pillar Point Harbor never gets old. The three of us also ordered some clam chowder at Princeton Seafood Company before heading home. On the whole, this was a nice experience.

Dad also took me to the U.S. Geological Survey office in Menlo Park today as geology has always been one of my interests. It was really fun to watch the seismographs. The cool thing is that most of the printouts are free to take after they're processed. The campus also has a café, although we didn't stop there this time.

The only reason we didn't stay longer is that Dad still had to go to work - after all, this was just another Monday for him. Speaking of which, I'd definitely consider applying for a job at the USGS when I'm older.

In other news...

I recently saw Supernova on video. It was a crappy movie, but the special effects were cool.

Currently watching: Supernova

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