Monday, January 22, 2001

a much better long weekend

I'm feeling much better now - not to mention the finals are out of the way - so this long weekend was a lot more enjoyable!

On the subject of which, my family went to Half Moon Bay yesterday afternoon. Although we have been there countless times, strolling along Pillar Point Harbor never gets old. The three of us also ordered a bowl of clam chowder at Princeton Seafood Company before heading home. This is something we often do when we come here, so it's become a tradition of sorts. On the whole, my parents and I had a great time.

Dad and I also went to the western region headquarters of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park this morning. Geology has always been one of my interests, so the whole place was like a really big museum. I loved visiting the building where the seismometers are kept. The cool thing is that most of the printouts are free to take after they're reviewed by a geologist. The USGS also has a little café, although we didn't go there this time.

In any case, I would have stayed longer had Dad not needed to go to work - after all, he doesn't get the day off like I do. Speaking of which, the USGS is definitely one of the places I'd consider getting a job at when I'm finished with school.

In other news...

I recently saw Supernova on video. It was a somewhat crappy movie, but I nonetheless enjoyed it.

Currently watching: Supernova
Release date: January 14, 2000

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