Thursday, October 10, 2002

happy 17th birthday to me

So I turned 17 today. It's hard to believe this is my last year as a minor. Damn, time goes by fast. In any case, happy birthday to me, and everyone else born on October 10th!

To celebrate the occasion, my parents took me to a Mexican restaurant in Mountain View called Fiesta del Mar for dinner. This was our first time eating here, and I loved the place. The food was hella good, especially the seafood enchiladas. Yum!

This wasn't the only celebration as we also took my maternal grandparents out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant this past weekend. I'd normally have picked something else - not because I don't like Chinese food, but because we already eat a lot of it at home. In any case, we agreed on an Asian place as Mom wanted something the grandparents would also enjoy. Family comes first, right?

Currently listening to: "FotografĂ­a" by Juanes and Nelly Furtado

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