Sunday, May 23, 2004

why I didn't go to prom

So prom was last night. I'm probably one of the few people who stayed home.

To start off, prom was a little different this year. The LAHS administration banned limousines and other private transportation, much to the chagrin of the senior class. Though the school compensated for this by reducing the price from $75 to $50 per ticket, many students were still shaking their heads.

But that's not the reason I didn't go to prom. I could care less how we got there. For a start, $50 is still a steep price for a three-hour event. Case in point, the back-to-school dance was lots of fun and cost only a fraction of the price. I highly doubt prom could be that much better. Another thing is that I didn't have a date and couldn't be bothered to find out. Last but not least, my grandmother had just passed away a few days ago. I definitely wasn't in the mood for a big party or anything.

For those who did attend prom, I hope you had a great time. :-)

Historical note: Prom pictures have been removed from the LAHS website but are available at the Internet Archive.

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