Sunday, August 22, 2004

first day of college!

The big day has arrived. I moved into the dorms at Berkeley this afternoon, and so begins a new chapter in my life.

One thing for sure is that college is very different from high school. Though I was nervous at first, I'm already getting used to the new environment. Speaking of which, my roommate Scott seems like a cool dude. The other six people in our suite are really nice as well. Oh yeah, and hot chicks are everywhere. ^_^

While the classes don't start until the 30th, new students are encouraged to attend Welcome Week to get a feel of the school. The schedule is filled with activities, including a dance on Friday evening. I'm pretty excited.

In other news...

The Lu family invited us to dinner at HomeTown Buffet. Everything was totally delicious. All of us then went to their house to hang out for the evening. The gathering was supposed to be last night, but the Lus agreed to move it to Friday because I wanted more time to prepare for my move. I truly appreciate their consideration.

Currently playing: The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions

Historical note: Pictures from Move-In Day are available here.

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