Monday, January 6, 2003

a crappy Christmas break

I'm now back at LAHS for the spring semester.

As if that really bad weekend wasn't enough, my Christmas break totally sucked. Because our budget is rather tight at the moment, my family didn't get to go on any overnight trips during these two weeks. The only thing the three of us did for fun was to go hiking in Stevens Creek County Park last Saturday.

But a holiday without a vacation wouldn't have been so bad had I not been sick for pretty much the whole time. That was actually the other reason why we didn't go anywhere. In fact, I can still barely talk right now because of my laryngitis. Never mind that I had to spend most of my break studying for the damned finals. Fuck that shit.

Despite everything, the holiday break wasn't without its merits. One of our family friends gave me a huge platter of dried fruit, which I enjoyed sharing with my parents. I also got to play some RuneScape during my free time. If everything goes well, I should reach level 90 cooking in the next few days. :-)

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Wednesday, January 1, 2003

a not-so-happy new year

I hope everyone had a great new year 'cause I sure as hell didn't.

What sucked the most was that I caught a bad cold just after the break started. I'm actually still very sick at the moment. Unlike our other holidays, my family hasn't had the chance to go anywhere yet, and it looks like we'll be staying home for the rest of Christmas vacation. All I want right now is for my cold to get better.

2002 in review

The last few months were particularly rough. For one thing, the academic workload was particularly heavy - which is not unexpected for 11th graders. It doesn't help that my father decided to start an argument with me over my studying habits. I was kicked out of Spanish III not long after that. There's also the really bad weekend I just posted about. Oh yeah, and getting this nasty cold - what a fucking great way to end the year.

But 2002 fortunately wasn't that bad as a whole. Our trip to Hawaii in August was very memorable, as was the one to the Southwest during winter break. Family vacations are just so wonderful.

That having been said, here's to hoping for a better 2003 - and a quick recovery for me. :-)

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